Casa Med Classic FS Electric Bed


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Casa Med Classic FS Electric Bed

The Casa Med Classic FS Electric Bed is a very good quality and reliable profiling bed, offering an attractive and non-clinical finish designed for use in the home with an excellent height adjustable range, and including as standard many features normally only found on more expensive profiling beds, such as curved beech-effect head and foot boards and dual motor operation. Suitable for use in the domestic or residential care environments, this standard height version of the bed is supplied with a sturdy metal mesh mattress support platform and wooden side rails which are easily raised or lowered to provide both user safety and ease of access as required. Controlled by use of an easy to operate hand held controller, the Casa Med Classic FS Electric Bed features an electrically powered backrest, leg rest, knee break and lower leg elevation, to give the widest possible range of solutions for greater user comfort, ease of access and reduce the need for manual handling. Each of the beds four wheels can be independently braked for safety and the bed also features a quick action lowering mechanism for use in the case of an emergency. The Casa Med Classic comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard for additional peace of mind for the user.

Features & Benefits

  • Dewert motor, handset and controls
  • Dual motor headrest and knee brake adjustment
  • Electric backrest, leg rest, knee brake and lower leg elevation
  • Emergency lowering by quick action bolt mechanism
  • Four brake castors
  • Four-section mattress support
  • Metal mesh base
  • Quick-release pins on all actuator points
  • Extra high side rails available
  • Tool-free assembling and dismantling
  • Transport system and lock
  • Real wood surrounds

Technical Data:

  • Total Weight:  91.5kg
  • Heaviest Part:  20.1kg
  • Outer Dimension (W x L):  102.3 x 212.5cm
  • Maximum Safe Working Load:  175kg
  • Height Adjustment:  40-80cm
  • Adjustment Angle of Back Section:  0° – 70°
  • Adjustment Angle of Foot Section:  0° – 20°


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